Additional materials for STEM activities


You will find in this section all the additional materials for the implementation of some STEM activities:
- Programming codes
- Simulation and data analysis software.


Topic : Characteristics of rocky planets

Activity « Cooling model for rocky planets »

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Activity « Heat flow measurement »

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Topic : Environment of rocky planets

Activity « Atmospheric seismic noise »

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Activity « Determine Martian wind velocity »

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Activity « Primary aerosols and climatic impact on Earth »

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Activity « SEIS and environment »

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Activity « Daily temperature variations on Mars »

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Topic Internal geology

Activity « The seismogram a complex signal »

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An exhibition on the insight mission

            1 The Enigma of a Lifeless Planet  2 Explore the Mars interior  3 S.E.I.S an exceptional mission  4 Measuring the pulse of Mars

            5 Adventures of a journey  6 Destination Elysium Planitia  7 A truly international cooperation  8 A story starting in 1976

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