This publication presents recommendations targeted to the creation of a new network called Mars-Edu network. This network of science organizations will work on the project’s sustainability with the first objective being to develop innovative pedagogical resources related to Earth and Space Science (ESS). These recommendations also aim to inform and to provide advice to educational policy makers regarding the promotion of ESS education.

The research carried out under STIM has analysed the elements that are relevant in creating the network that will allow a high-quality training for teachers in ESS and also provide support to students learning. These elements were identified following a three-steps process:
- A survey disseminated to educational stakeholders (policy makers, teachers, researchers, teacher trainers);
- Interviews carried out with heads of schools;
- Validation of the recommendations during the STIM closing event.
Following this process, the project consortium developed 10 key recommendations for science teachers, heads of schools and policy makers divided into three categories: Professional development, initial training, collaboration, and mentoring.



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