In order to support teachers in developing the high STEM skills for students which will be needed in the near future, the Schools Tune Into Mars (STIM) project designed a report on STEM lessons to improve effective and quality teaching of STEM disciplines for secondary education.

It also aims to increase teacher Europeans’ knowledge, skills and interest in STEM education by providing teaching materials related to STEM subjects and developed following a co-constructive process between researchers and teachers within topics such as planetary seismology, geology, geophysics, Earth and space sciences.

To achieve theirs objectives, STIM activities are built around the results of the InSight space mission which aims to “Discover the inner structure of Mars to better understand planet Earth”, and which provided a unique opportunity to develop a specific scientific programme that could be fully integrated in European schools and further expanded.

This publication constitutes presents a package of 23 activities including hands-on activities, computer-based activities and experiments, but also six webinars and three EduTeasers (which are short educational videos recorded with researchers to introduce certain activities) dedicated to secondary education teachers.

 STIM report


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