Week 1 

Each week we suggest you travel with “Marsty” and participate in our little competition. To do this, simply answer the questions below and do the activity for the week. We look forwards to seeing your photos and your creations. This week Marsty invites you to explore the solar system. For that go to Mars@School: marsatschool.ethz.ch and open Adventure 2: Solar system
Français http://marsatschool.ethz.ch/fr/mission/2/
Lets Go!

1- Words of the week

Star: A star is a celestial body which moves in space and which emits its own light. (https://www.signbsl.com/sign/star)
Planet: A planet is a celestial body which revolves (orbits) around a star. Planets do not emit light by themselves. (https://www.signbsl.com/sign/planet)
Orbit: The orbit of a planet is the trajectory that this planet describes by turning around a star. The star of the solar system is the Sun. Each planet has its own orbit. Each planet takes a certain time to complete its orbit. One orbit represents one year on each planet. On Earth, a year lasts about 365 days. The Earth therefore takes 365 days to describe its orbit. (https://www.signbsl.com/sign/orbit)

2- Quiz of the week

How many planets are there in orbit around the Sun 5 ; 9 ; 12 ; 8 ; 3 ?
What is the name of each of these planets?
Is it only planets that orbit the Sun ? If NO, what are these other “objects” called?

3- Activity of the week

Classify the planets of the solar system starting from the Sun and send a photo, or a drawing of your project.
Here are several ideas but stay creative and choose the activity that inspires you

1- A very simple first drawing of the solar system with the names of all the planets, in order.

Materials: a sheet and colored pencils, watercolor, paint.

2- Something more accomplished (small sculpture), in salt dough with coloring or spices to give a little color to the planets.

Try to put the distances between the balls while keeping a certain proportionality. Materials: water, flour, coarse salt, spices or food coloring.

3- A cutout of the planets after drawing to make a mobile.

4- A card game with the planets by creating an identity card for each of the planets

5-A poem or a song using the names of the planets and the star of the solar system.


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